Learn Darts

Darts is a fun game that can be played by anyone of any age. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, everyone enjoys the simplicity and excitement of playing darts.

Here you’ll find articles and guides that will teach you how to play darts, as well as how to setup your boards and other games you play with your arrows.

Darts Training Aids and Practice Tips (1)

Darts Training Aids and Practice Tips

Some great darts training aids and tips on practice with some examples you can do at home to improve.

How to 9 Dart Finish in 501 (1)

How to 9 Dart Finish in 501

Our ultimate guide to hitting that 9 dart finish in 501.

convert darts soft tip to steel tip

Can You Convert Darts – Soft Tip to Steel Tip?

Yes, you can convert darts from soft tip to steel tip. Soft tip darts always have removable tips because they are made of plastic and often break.

winmau pronunciation

How to Pronounce Winmau and the History of the Best Dartboard

The legacy of Winmau dartboards is important to the darts community across the world – learn how to pronounce Winmau

understand tungsten darts

How to Understand Tungsten Darts

All your questions answered about tungsten darts.

darts accessories

3 Dart Accessories You Didn’t Know You Need

Looking for a cheap way to improve your darts game? We’ve got you covered with this guide to 3 important darts accessories.

Why Are Gran Board 3 Lights Not Working

Why Are Your Gran Board 3 Lights Not Working?

Why are the Gran Board 3 lights not working and other troubleshooting for this electronic dartboard.

dartboard without a wall

How to Hang a Dartboard Without Fixing it to a Wall

Here is how you can successfully hang a dartboard without needing to fix it to the wall.

dartboard lighting ideas

5 Dartboard Lighting Ideas

Dartboard lighting ideas that will enhance your home setup.

how to play lawn darts

How to Play Lawn Darts

Lawn darts are now available in kid-friendly versions – read on for all the info on how to play.

How to Hang a Dartboard on Drywall (1)

How to Hang a Dartboard on Drywall – Complete Guide

The complete guide to successfully hanging a dartboard on drywall.

how long do dartboards last

How Long do Dartboards Last?

What is the life expectancy of a dartboard and tips on how to make your dartboard last longer.

How to Sharpen Darts with a Flat Stone

How to Sharpen Darts with a Flat Stone

Learn how to sharpen your darts using a flat stone.


How to Play Shanghai Darts

Learn how to play the simple yet extremely challenging Shanghai darts game.


How to Play Gotcha Darts

Gotcha darts is not as well-known as some other games but a really fun darts game to try.


How to Play Killer Darts Game

Killer darts is a really fun night out. Easy to play, score, and terrific fun with friends.

sore arm from darts

Sore Arm from Darts? Darts Elbow Treatment and Prevention

The dreaded darts elbow and everything you need to know about treatment and prevention.

sharpening darts

How to Sharpen Your Darts

How often should you sharpen your darts? Read on for all the answers.

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