Darts Averages Calculator

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Welcome to the DartPicks.com Darts Average Calculator! This handy tool is designed to help you calculate your average score for a given set of darts throws. Simply enter in your score left and the number of throws, and the calculator will do the rest.

Darts Averages Calculator

How to Calculate your Darts average

To calculate your darts average use the following formula:

(501 – Your Score Left) / Darts Thrown

Alternatively, you can calculate your average using this formula

(501 / Darts Thrown) x 3

What is a good 1 dart average?

A good one dart average is generally considered to be between 30 and 40. This means that, on average, you should be able to hit a score of 30 or above with one dart around 50% of the time, and a score of 40 or above around 20% of the time. Of course, this will vary from person to person.

What is a 3 dart average?

A three dart average is simply the average score you hit with three darts. This is generally considered to be a more accurate measure of your level, as it takes into account any scoring issues you may have with your throwing technique.

What is the highest 3 dart average?

The current world record for the highest televised average stands at 123.40, set by Michael Van Gerwen during the 2016 Premier League. Although Peter Wright has achieved 123.5 the match did not count as a record as it was only streamed online and not televised.

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