8 Darts Drinking Games

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  • Date: December 6, 2022
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One of the greatest things about drinking games is that there are no rules. Well, technically, there are rules. The rules are purely arbitrary. That also means that there can be an unlimited number of darts drinking games you could come up with.

Today, many people enjoy playing dart games with a drink or two at bars, parties, or even at home. So, if you’re looking for the next darts drinking game for your next hangout or party with friends, these 8 darts drinking games are a great place to start.

1. Beer Darts

Beer darts is the most popular darts drinking game, which you can play with another player or in teams right from your backyard, block party, beach day, and other venues.

The rules are simple. Compete to see who can hit their opponent’s beer can with a dart first. If your beer can is punctured, you have to drink it. If not, your opponent has to drink it.

To start playing, you can stand across from one another with a closed beer placed before each player’s foot. It’s good to place the beer cans on the ground to avoid any unexpected injuries. Feel free to custom-make your own beer darts game. All you’ll need are darts made of sharp steel, beer cans, and chairs.

2. Drinking Darts

Drinking darts is a fun twist on the traditional darts game where you have magnetic darts, which are safer, shot glasses, and a dart board. Instead of scoring points, players have to complete the action written on the target they hit.

Drinking darts has six layers of targets to hit. The bullseye gives you the power to assign two shots. The inner layer gives you the power to assign one shot. The next layer is “PASS.” The next is “drink with a buddy,” the next is “shoot again,” and the outer layer, is“take a full shot.” There is no limit to how many players can play. Simply alternate as you go.

You can get your own drinking darts game from online stores like Amazon, which offers you a metal stand, 4 magnetic darts, and 4 shot glasses.

3. Fairly Odd Novelties

Fairly Odd Novelties isn’t new to the darts drinking game scene. It’s a specially unique dart board with 17 targets. Can you guess what the targets are?

The bullseye gives you the power to make your own rules. The inner layer has 8 targets with doubles of “take a shot,” “lose a turn,” “extra turn,” and “chug a beer.” The inner layer also has 8 targets with doubles of “drink once,” “drink twice,” and up to four times.

Instead of actual darts, this dartboard drinking game uses four balls of darts wrapped in a hook and loop, which you throw at the dartboard, sticking to it, which is great because it leaves no holes in your walls.

You can get your own Fairly Odd Novelties game from Amazon, which offers the board and four ball darts.

4. Shot Darts

Shot darts is a great game for its flexibility and as a cheaper substitute to beer darts when you have a large group. You’re free to come up with your own version of shot darts. To get you started, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Take out shot glasses and measure 1.5-ounce shots (or any amount) for each. Players then take one shot for every single 20, two shots for every double 20, and three shots for every triple 20.
  • With a minimum of four players, divide yourselves into two teams. The team closest to the bullseye goes first, while the other takes a shot each.

If the first team fails to land a bullseye or any 15-20 targets, they take shots. If they succeed, their opponent takes the shots, and so on, until all the 15-20, and the bullseye targets are closed out.

5. Bastard Darts

Bastard Darts is another drinking game to try. To play the game, each player needs a distinct number on the dartboard. So it’s fair game; each player will have their turn to throw a dart on the dartboard and get the number their dart hits. No two players can have the same number.

Once everyone has a unique number, take out a scorecard and write everyone’s name along with their number. Then, place 10 points under each player’s name. To win, you’ll need to score points that bring down your score to 0, where hitting a single takes off 1 point, hitting a double takes off two points and a triple, three. For each point you score, you drink.

It gets interesting when you hit another player’s number because that throw will add to their score. The opponent will have to drink for that throw and for the points added to their score. For example, a triple is four drinks to the opponent.

If you don’t hit any numbers assigned to the other players or your dart falls off the board, you drink. If you hit the outer bullseye, you can choose another player to drink. If you hit the inner bullseye, you can choose another player to drink twice.

Whoever’s the first to bring their score down to 0 wins. And whoever loses must take drinks worth the marks they have left, for example, 6 marks equals 6 straight sips.

6. Drinking Cricket

Drinking cricket is the same as the popular recreational cricket dart game. Cricket works best when two players or teams compete to close all the numbers on the dartboard while staying ahead in total points scored.

However, instead of earning points, in drinking cricket, you take drinks. A single hit means you have a gulp of a drink. A double is half a drink, and triple a full chug. However, feel free to come up with your own rules.

Need to recap the rules of Cricket?

7. Darty Beery

Darty Beery is a simple yet potentially fun pastime with friends. There’s only one rule: you must always have a beer in hand any time your dart isn’t. The last player standing wins.

You could play Darty Beery if you’re fond of playing darts at the bar. Or, combine it with other games like drinking cricket, bastard darts, or shot darts to spice up the fun.

8. H-O-R-S-E

H-O-R-S-E is a popular shooting basketball game that can also be turned into a darts drinking game. Before you begin the game, you must determine the order of the turns.

The first player takes control of setting the requirements for that round, such as a single 3 or a double 3. If that player meets the requirements, every other player coming afterward must make the same throw according to the requirements. If a player fails to duplicate the throw, they acquire the letter “H” from the word “horse” and take a drink.

If the player in control fails to meet their requirement, they acquire the letter “H,” take a drink, and control passes to the next player. The first player to collect all of the letters through the word “horse” is eliminated from the game, while the last player left in the game wins.

It doesn’t always have to be the word “horse,” and you can always set your own drinking terms. So feel free to experiment with new rules.

Let the Games Begin

There are no limits to how many dart drinking games you can come up with. You could even throw your own Darts Drinking Olympics party, complete with teams, events, costumes, and as many fun darts drinking games as you can think of. Whichever game you choose, there will always be plenty of fun and laughter to go around.

For some more fun dart games you can play now, click here.



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