How Do You Aim a Dart Accurately – 8 Easy Tips

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It’s natural to wonder, “How do you aim a dart accurately?” Aiming a dart accurately doesn’t just involve finding the target and making the throw. For a perfect dart throw, you’ll need to know the right way to stand, hold the dart, look, release it, and other things.

All of these factors then come together within a split second to make a perfectly accurate throw. To get you started, here are eight easy tips sure to give you a leg up on the competition.

8 Easy Tips to Aim a Dart Accurately

When you first start playing darts, it can be tough to consistently, precisely, and accurately aim for high-score areas on the dartboard. So how do you improve the accuracy of your throw? Here are eight simple tips you can practice in your free time.

Get into a Proper Stance

Before making a throw, you’ll need to know how to stand when throwing darts. Your stance is very important because it gives you balance and stability while throwing your dart.

How to Stand When Throwing Darts

To get the proper stance, plant your feet firmly on the ground. Keep your feet hip-width apart and face the dartboard sideways.

Place your dominant foot forward, pointing your dominant foot to the center of the dartboard. Keep your other foot turned sideways.

You can distribute your weight evenly on both feet, using them for stability. Your back foot’s heel may rise a bit off the floor, but it should always remain planted to the ground. From aiming to release, both feet should remain planted on the ground.

A proper stance doesn’t just include your feet. It also includes your upper body. Your upper body should remain turned slightly to the side. However, your shoulders, hips, and legs should remain straight. No slouching.

Some players may find it more comfortable to lean forward, but avoid leaning too far forward because it will affect your balance and throw.

While aiming and releasing the dart, keep your upper body still. Only your shoulder and head will move a little bit while throwing your dart. Once you find the posture and balance that work best for you, you gain control over your throw.

Grip Your Dart Properly

Next up is the grip. Getting a good grip on your dart helps you gain control of it and keep your throw steady. There are several ways to grip your dart properly. The easiest one is called the “pencil grip.”

How to Hold a Dart

The same way you’d hold a pencil is the same way you can practice holding the dart.

You’ll need your dominant hand to grip the dart on the barrel, using at least three fingers for a firm grip. You can use your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger to hold the barrel and possibly add the ring finger at the end of the barrel for a balanced grip.

Remember to avoid curling your fingers. Instead, keep them straight and open. You can get a feel for the most comfortable, relaxed grip that keeps the dart in place. As long as your grip feels stable and not too tight, you’re good to go.

Get Your Arm in Position

aiming darts acurately

So now that you’ve got your proper stance and grip, how do you position your arm?

How to Position Your Arm

Using your dominant arm to grip your dart properly, you’ll want to raise the arm to eye level to the side of your dominant eye, keeping your body still.

Your shoulder, elbow, and hand should align at a 90-degree angle, with your elbow pointing toward the dartboard.

Be sure not to raise the dart past your aiming eye. And keep your other arm anchored on a part of your torso that feels comfortable when drawing the next dart.

Find Your Sightline

Now that your dart and arm are set, it’s time to find that perfect sightline, which brings us to the question of the day: “How do you aim a dart accurately?”

How Do You Aim a Dart Accurately?

You’ll want to tilt the end of the dart slightly upward toward the dartboard, not downward or to the side. Then, align the tip of the dart with your target, not to the right or left of the target.

To find your sightline, use your dominant eye, which is often on the same side as your dominant hand and foot. You may close your other eye for better aim.

A sightline is a good way to keep the target in memory as you prepare to throw the dart. That’s the line from your eye level, past your arm, and to the target on the dartboard. Ideally, your dart throw should line up with your sightline.

There are different ways players keep the sightline in memory, from using the pinky, the knuckle of the throwing arm, or the dart tip to aim.

Dart Release Tips

For dart release, dart players usually have three steps: draw, pull back, and release.

The “draw” step is when you pick up a new dart from your other hand, grip the dart properly in your dominant hand, and get your arm into position with your sightline.

Pulling back moves your hand slightly in front of or to the side of your face. To gain forward momentum and propel the dart to the board, throw the dart forward along your sightline while keeping your shoulder still for support.

As you release, snap your wrist forward, letting go of the dart just as your arm begins to come forward. Naturally, when you release, your arm will pull up to meet the height of your shoulder and fully straighten, with your fingers roughly pointing at the target.

When it’s All Wrong

Don’t worry if the first few throws are inconsistent with your aim. If you’re throwing darts and they keep landing off target, don’t be afraid to make small changes that make you feel the most comfortable.

Sometimes, you’ll feel that it’s all wrong when the throw is way off target. Other factors could be that you’re stressed out or aiming for targets that take time to master, like the bullseye. You can always start over or aim for easier targets. It gets easier with time.

Another way to experiment with dart accuracy techniques is by watching good players throw. Or they can give you priceless advice on how to improve your throw. You never know; some of the other players’ techniques may work well for you.

When it Just Works

Not every dart player is the same. So it’s definitely not uncommon to randomly try out a new technique, and it just works. It feels natural, effortless, and great for you. Other times, when you’re not thinking too much about how firm your grip is or your hand-eye coordination, the throw comes most naturally to you.

So, when it just works, remember the feeling and enjoy the experience. In the future, you can try to recall how you did it and apply it however you can.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Improving your accuracy gets easier the more you practice. Whether it’s once a day, every half hour, with friends for fun, or at a bar, it’s good to consistently practice aiming at different targets on the dartboard and challenging yourself the more you play.

You can also sign up for local competitions or join a dart league, which helps to improve your accuracy some more.

Where is the Best Place to Aim with Darts?

The best place to aim with darts depends on your accuracy skill level. For example, if your accuracy is within 5 mm, you could aim for treble 20. If your accuracy is 25 mm, you could aim at treble 19. But if your accuracy is 60 mm, you could try aiming for a larger area to the lower left of the bullseye.

How to Throw Darts Straight

To throw straight darts, take a proper stance by planting your feet on the ground and keeping your body still. Turn your upper body to the side slightly. Straighten your shoulders, hips, and legs while keeping your face, dominant foot, and elbow pointing toward the dartboard.

Aim, Set, and Go!

Accurate dart aiming takes time and practice to master. However, with practice, it becomes easier and more natural to throw accurate darts with ease. Remember to practice aiming at different targets on the dartboard, as well as try out new ways to improve your dart accuracy, such as local competitions, dart leagues, or a relaxing time with friends and family. Good luck!


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