8 Different Dart Games You Can Play Right Now

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  • Date: December 2, 2022
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Looking for something fun to do? Why not break out the darts and play one of these eight different dart games? Whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends, these games are sure to provide some entertainment. So grab a pint, step up to the line, and let’s get started.

‘01 Games

The “zero one” games are arguably the most popular dart games in history. There are several varieties, but the most famous three are 301, 701, and 501. Furthermore, they are straightforward.

To win the game, you simply have to reduce your score back to zero. Therefore, when you score, it is deducted from the beginning score; be it 301, 501, or 701. In most of these games, except the 301, you don’t need a double score to start counting points or to checkout.

Strategy is key in this game because if your final score takes you to less than zero, you go bust. In addition, make sure to set up the board to ensure the center of the bullseye is 1.73m off the floor for fair play.


This emulates American cricket. To play, there needs to be two players or teams. In addition, you can play using your traditional dartboard at home or at the pub with friends. The aim is to close off or to own the numbers on the board from 20 to 15.

Once you close the number, you can still score on it as much as possible until the opponent closes it off too. Afterward, the number doesn’t hold any more scoring options. The decision of the winner is based on three criteria:

The player that closes off all the numbers first with the highest points wins.
If players have the same number of points or lack points, the fastest closer wins.
The first player to finish closing off with lower points has to continue scoring on open numbers until they get a higher score or their opponent wins.

Around the Clock

Around the World and Round the Board are the other names this game goes by. It allows players to throw three darts in each turn. Just as the name suggests, the aim is to target the numbers 1-20 on the board in order.

Furthermore, the game cannot proceed if a number is skipped until the number is hit. To win, you need to finish hitting the numbers in order first. Another version of this is the “180 Around the Clock”. Here, you count the points as well.

Each player gets to throw three darts in one turn at the same number. The aim is to get the maximum score of nine. The points are added at the end. Therefore, the player with the most points closest to 180 is the winner. 180 is the maximum high score.


Golf darts are a fantastic mash-up of golf and traditional darts. Thus, if you are a fan of golf, this is the perfect game for you. Furthermore, it can help improve your ‘01 skills. The dartboard is the golf course.

You can either play numbers 1-9 or 1-18 just as in real-life golf. The aim is to get the lowest score per turn. In addition, earning scores is equivalent to strokes in golf. Each player gets three throws in every turn. However, only the last throw counts.

The doubles are worth one point, the triples two points, the singles either three or four points, and missing the number completely is five points. In the end, the player with the least points wins.


It needs at least two players. Furthermore, it got its name from the dart terminology “Shanghai,” which means hitting a double, single, and triple of a number in one turn. This game is a version of baseball and also depends on innings. Thus, the focus numbers are 1-7.

The player that goes first is a decision made by tossing a coin. Secondly, the players take turns throwing darts at numbers 1-7 in order, trying to get a tipple, a single, and a double in one turn. The player that manages this first wins. If not, the play moves to the next number.


Baseball is another sport that beautifully integrates into darts. The game can accommodate any number of players and bases its rules on the sport. Furthermore, it is similar to Shanghai but has nine innings instead.

The darts that land on the number in play corresponding to the innings are the only ones that count. For example, if the dart lands on eight in the second inning, it doesn’t count.

To win, the total score for each inning adds up at the end of the game. In addition, the bullseye is useful to break any tie that occurs.

Hare and Hounds

Are you interested in a game of chase? Check out Hare and Hounds. The dartboard in your garage is great for this game. A coin toss is done to decide which player is the hare and who is the hound. Consequently, the winner of the toss becomes the hare, and the loser becomes the hound.

To start, the player who’s the hare moves from 20 clockwise until they get back to 20. On the other hand, the hound moves clockwise from 5 ‘chasing’ the hare.

If the hare gets back to 20 successfully, they win. However, if the hound catches up before then, they win.

Nine Lives

This game of elimination is based on the player’s ability to move from 1-20 in descending order. As many players as you have can play the game. However, with too many players, the game will take much longer.

Firstly, to get the order of play, all players must cork. The furthest player from the bull goes last, and the closest goes first. Next, each player gets three lives marked by three Xs. Each life represents a turn.

If the player fails to hit the numbers with all three darts, one life is taken. Therefore, should they lose three turns, they will be eliminated. The winner is the player that retains life and manages to go around the board.

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