Hang a Dartboard Outside – Complete Guide

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  • Date: December 16, 2022
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Darts is traditionally known for being an indoor game that’s popular in pubs and bars across the world. But you don’t have to stick to playing darts indoors. Outdoor darts is becoming increasingly popular because it’s a game that everyone loves.

It’s really easy to hang a dartboard outside for a quick match. You just have to make sure you hang it somewhere where you can quickly take it back down. Dartboards are vulnerable to bad weather, particularly rain, and you don’t want your precious board to be ruined.

So, now that you know that outside darts is a possibility, let’s find out how to put up a dartboard outside, safety considerations, and how playing outdoors could impact your game.

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Can I Put My Dartboard Outside?

Yes, you can hang a dartboard outside. A fence, wall, tree, or shed door can all be used to hang your dartboard. You can hang your dartboard straight onto one of these fixtures, or you may prefer to use a dartboard cabinet first.

There are some good DIY dartboard stands to consider, too. This planter on wheels with a solid wood backboard makes a great transportable option. It will also be a fun project to get your teeth stuck into.

How High Off the Ground Do You Mount a Dartboard?

If you want to play darts outside as per the official rules, you should hang your dartboard so that the bullseye is 5ft 8in off the ground.

How Long Will a Dartboard Last Outside?

As long as your dartboard doesn’t get wet, it should last between 6 months and 5 years. The more you play, the shorter its lifespan. Your dartboard will also last longer if you look after it well and regularly maintain it.

What Happens if a Dartboard Gets Wet?

Believe us when we say that a wet dartboard is not good. Standard dartboards are made from sisal fibers. When sisal fibers get wet, they absorb the water and expand. As they dry out, they shrink back and this can cause bumps and bulges in your board.

Another problem is that sisal fibers are glued to dartboards. Water will loosen this glue and fibers will start to fall out of your dartboard.

throwing darts outdoors
Hanging dartboard outdoors

Electronic dartboard owners will know that there are lots of electrical components inside the board. Electrics and water should never mix, so don’t risk your dartboard by letting it get wet.

If you’re going to play darts outside, always protect your dartboard from rain and moisture.

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Will the Weather Affect Me Playing Darts Outside?

Yes, the weather will affect how well you play darts outside. Common weather-related problems include:

  • High temperatures – hot weather will make your hands sweat. This will make it harder to grip and throw your darts. You’ll need to keep a sweat towel handy to wipe your hands on before each throw. High temperatures usually mean sunny weather. Depending on its location, the sun can impair your vision, and you may miss your target. Moving your dartboard to a shady spot may be useful.
  • Low temperatures – when we get cold, our body tenses up. This makes it difficult to throw darts accurately, so you may be better off moving your game indoors.
  • Wind – windy weather can throw your darts off track. The board is also likely to move around in the wind, which will make it even harder to hit your target.
  • Rain – Rain will impact your visibility of the board. As already mentioned, water will damage your dartboard. At the first sight of rain, grab your dartboard quickly and head inside.

What are the Benefits of Hanging a Dartboard Outside?

You can benefit in several different ways when you put your dartboard outside. These include:

  • No need to protect your floors and walls – unless you’re an avid darts player or professional, you’re likely to miss the board frequently. Bounce-outs are also common when playing darts. Holes in fences, trees, and decking are much better than holes in the inside of your home.
  • Fresh air – playing darts in a stuffy indoor environment can affect your performance. Research has found that fresh air can improve your concentration and muscle function. So, you’re likely to perform better when playing darts outside.
  • Health benefits – being outside is better for your health than being stuck indoors. For this reason, if you can play darts outside, you should. Some health benefits associated with spending time outdoors include better sleep, improved immune function, fewer depressive symptoms, and easier breathing.
  • Good for parties – There are lots of fun darts games that are ideal for large groups of friends. But it’s not always easy to play indoors when there are a lot of you. Hanging your dartboard outdoors is the ideal solution and will keep your party attendees entertained all night long.

Things to Consider When Hanging a Dartboard Outside

You should take some time to consider the best place to put your dartboard in your garden. Things to think about include:

  • Clearance zone – you need to make sure that you place your dartboard somewhere with plenty of space. You don’t want people nipping in front of the board to get in and out of the house, for example. A good location is usually near the bottom of your garden where people are less likely to wander around.
  • Safety – safety must come first when playing darts outside. Avoid playing when young children and pets are running around to prevent injury.
  • Throw line – if you’re playing to regulation standards, your throw line needs to be 7 ft 9.25 inches (2.73 meters) away from the board.
  • Lighting – playing darts in the dark is a big no-no as someone is likely to get hurt. Make sure you place your dartboard in a well-lit area, but not somewhere too bright where the glare of the light will affect your throw.
  • Which dart tips you’ll use – soft tip darts are safer if you’ve got young children and pets running around or if there’s going to be lots of alcohol flowing. However, steel tip darts are more durable. This is important if they’re going to bounce off wooden posts and trees.

What is the Best Way to Play Darts Outside?

As you can see, there are some risks when you play darts outside. The good news is that you can make it safer to play darts outdoors.

A gazebo, canopy, or awning could be used to create a ‘darts den’. Your den could be out of bounds to young children so that you can play darts safely. It’s also a good way to protect your dartboard from excess heat and moisture.

Hanging a dartboard outside is a simple thing to do. You’ll have lots of fun being able to play your favorite game in a new environment and your mates are sure to love it too. Just make sure you consider the location of your outdoor dartboard carefully and avoid leaving your board outside at the end of your game.




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