Darts Slang – Common Sayings and What They Mean

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If you’re new to the game of darts, you may be surprised to learn that there’s a whole lot of slang associated with it. From “301” to “bed and breakfast”, here are some common terms you might hear while playing darts.


One of the ‘01 games. The score starts at 301, and the goal is to get as close to zero as possible. The first player to get there is the winner. It is dependent on doubling in and doubling out.


501 is the other ‘01 game and the most common. Therefore, it’s the basis of many rules and regulations. The score begins at 501, and the goal is to get to zero, or as close as possible. To win, you need to double in and double out.

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3 in a bed

When all three darts during your turn land on the same number and the same section. It includes getting three doubles, three triples, three little singles, or three fat singles in the same number section.


Getting a double one in an ‘01 game (301 or 501) is also known as a “madhouse”.


The name is given to a player who throws fast and even darts that sail smoothly to the target. You can also refer to it as Derek.


This is another name for darts and is especially used in the United Kingdom.

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Baby Ton

Scoring five 19s in one round of the game, leading to a score of 95 points.

Bag O’ Nuts

Refers to getting 45 points for all three throws in a turn and is named after a prize given at the fair for the same.

Bail Out

When the third dart in your throws lands a high triple score when the other two get low scores.

Barn Dart

When the third dart of your turn hits the intended target that was missed by the first two.


Getting a double three.

Black Eye

Hitting the middle of the bullseye and earning 50 points.

Black Hat

Landing three double bulls in a throw.


You can also refer to it as Bed & Breakfast, Bagadix, or Two & Six. It means getting a score of 26 in a round by hitting one 20, one 5, and a 1. The name originates from England, where breakfast was twenty-six pence.

Bull Out

Getting a win using a double bull.

Bulls Eye

The central area of the board has an inner circle (double bull) and an outer circle (single bull) and is also called a cork. To cork is to decide who throws first.


It happens when a player ends up with a score beyond zero when trying to finish the ‘01 games. It also happens when the score is a zero, but the last dart didn’t land a double.

Championship Board

A good practice board where the target, triples, and doubles are half the size in comparison to the normal board.


It happens when you score exactly what you need to win. For example, getting a double to win an ‘01 game.


A name given to a player who throws without aiming or setting a target.

Circle It

Finishing a turn with less than 10 points for all three darts thrown.


To cork is to decide who goes first by each player aiming to get closest to the bullseye.


It is a term that refers to ending up with a single while aiming for a double.


It is also called the “Yips” and refers to a player being unable to throw their dart.

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Scoring three double bulls in one turn.

Double In

Landing a double to begin an ‘01 game.

Double Out

Landing a double to end or win an ‘01 game.

Easy In, Easy Out

Refers to starting or finishing a game without having to land a double. Its use is also for games that don’t need a double to start or finish the game.


Scoring by missing the intended target. It’s also called a “slop” or “scud.”


The biggest wedge between the double and triple is a single.


The wings or feathers of a dart that help it fly straight.


Scoring nine or less in a turn.

Game Shot

Getting the winning throw in a game.

Grand Slam

This is scoring by hitting a triple one, triple five, and triple 20 in one turn.

Hat Trick

Getting the bull shot with all the tree darts in a turn.

High Ton

Getting a score of 151-180 in a round of ‘01 games.


Sounds like ‘hockey’ but they are actually saying “ockey”. This is the line from which players throw. It’s also known as the “oche” or “toe line”.


The area of scoring darts on the board. Shots outside this area are said to be ‘off the island’.


This slang is used to refer to checking out when the rival’s score is greater than 200.


A game in a match. A match can have several legs, often three.


This is a triple 20 score. Also called a “perfect score”.

Mugs Away

The loser begins the next game.


When you have a foot or both feet across the throw line, it is also referred to as “wet feet.”


The triangular numbered area of the board.

Robin Hood

This is when a dart perches onto another dart on the board and sticks to it.


A turn; each player gets three throws.

Round the Clock/World

Hitting all the numbers on the board in the agreed order.

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The last leg of a triple-leg game.


When you land the single, double, and triple of the same number in a turn.


When two darts are thrown at the same time to determine who goes first.

Straight In

It is also called “Single In” and refers to a game that doesn’t need a specific combination, such as a double to start.

Three in a Bed

Landing three darts on the same number and area. For example, 3 doubles, 3 singles, or 3 triples.


Getting 100 points or more during a round.


Getting triple twenties thrice in a turn. Therefore, this is the highest possible score in a turn.


Landing a double 20 and is also called a “double top”.

Tough Darts

A term used to encourage players whose darts bounce off or miss the target. It means “unlucky”.


The top portion of the board.


It is also called the “Spider” and is the wiring that divides the board into sections.


A dart that hits the wire and bounces off.



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