How to Maintain a Dartboard

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  • Date: October 11, 2022
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Playing darts is a lot of fun, but—like with any sport—your equipment requires maintenance to remain in good condition. Otherwise, you might not play as well or may have to renew your equipment more often. In this article, we share some effective trips to keep your dartboard looking like new.

How Do You Keep a Dartboard in Good Condition?

Here are some techniques and tips for maintaining a dartboard and keeping it in excellent condition.

Keep Liquids Away

Liquids can ruin the fibers on a dartboard, so avoid keeping any liquids nearby or using them to clean the surface.

Rotate It Regularly

Rotating the dartboard often improves its condition and prevents it from wearing out fast. Plus, rotating it ensures that it wears out evenly instead of having bald patches in only one area, making it still possible to play on it.

Use the Recommended Dart Tips

Well-rounded tips won’t ruin the fibers on a dartboard. However, blunt or sharp dart tips can damage a board and lead to uneven sections.

Attach It to a Secure Wall

Set up the dartboard on a secure wall and make sure that the fixtures aren’t too heavy. Otherwise, the dartboard can put pressure on the wall. Plus, uneven, unsafe sections of a wall can cause a dartboard to drop down.

Use It Indoors

Avoid hanging a dartboard near direct sunlight and moisture. Outside elements can make the dartboard fade over time and become brittle and worn.

How Do You Make a Dartboard Last Longer?

Properly taking care of your dartboard will improve its longevity, making it last longer.

Care For Your Darts

Maintaining a dartboard requires taking care of your darts. After each game, check your darts for burs. If you discover any, use a tip sharpener, and give them a rub to spruce them up.

Use a Lint Roller

Depending on your dartboard’s material, the area can become prone to loose materials and pieces of fluff. Use a lint roller to gently remove any material before it impacts the dartboard as a hole.

Rotate It Often

Rotating your dartboard is the best way to make your dartboard last longer because it prevents uneven patches. This action prevents the probability of constantly hitting a dart in the same section. We recommend rotating your board once a month, depending on how often you play.

Can You Clean a Moldy Dartboard?

Mold forms on a dartboard when spores in the environment settle on a surface and begin to grow in wet, warm places. When left, mold can affect the dashboard’s texture and appearance as well as impact your health.

Regularly cleaning a dartboard and your environment can prevent mold from forming in the first place. You may also want to invest in a dehumidifier to absorb any water particles in the air that are causing mold.

But if your dartboard is already moldy, wait for a sunny day, and leave it out in direct sunlight to dry out any mold particles. The sunlight also kills mold, causing it to disappear. However, this method can cause the dartboard to fade, so you might have to fill it the faded areas.

Should You Leave Darts in Dartboard?

Remove darts from a dartboard after each use. While it might seem trivial to leave darts in the board after a game, they can cause the fibers to separate, causing the board to dry out and potentially have holes and bumps throughout.

How Do You Maintain a Sisal Dartboard?

Improve dartboard maintenance with these tips:

  • Rotate it often
  • Keep it dry (never use water to clean it)
  • Look after your darts (sharpen them when necessary)
  • Limit light exposure (including sunlight and LEDs)
  • Gently twist your darts when removing them from the board

How Do You Make an Old Dartboard Look New?

If your dartboard looks a little worse for wear, there are some techniques you can attempt before you fork out to buy a new one. Generally speaking, a dashboard should last around five years, but poor upkeep can make it look older than it is.

Remove any dirt, dust, and debris that might be lingering on the dartboard. Use the gentle brush attachment to clean any visible signs of dirt, making the board smoother and cleaner.

If your vacuum has a customizable suction, choose the lightest option to prevent damaging the surface.

Dartboards have a lifespan; sometimes, it’s better to admit defeat when trying to resurrect an old dartboard. Something that you hit with sharp pieces of metal tens of thousands of times is not meant to last.

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