What Is the Highest Score You Can Get in Darts?

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  • Date: October 13, 2022
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Darts callers are well known for shouting out “180!” when a player throws the highest score in darts possible.

Scoring 180 deserves a big celebration; over the years, darts callers have made the call bigger and better.

The very first 180 shown on TV was thrown by Alan Evans in 1973. Back then, it was a historic moment. But today, it’s common to see 180s scored at least once during a match.

While 180 is typically the highest score in darts, there are other high scores, such as the highest score possible with one dart, that you need to know about.

We’ve rounded up lots of information on these scores below so that you can improve your darts knowledge.

What Is the Highest Score With One Dart?

The highest score you can get with one dart is 60. 60 is scored when your dart lands in the treble 20 section of the board.

It’s not always possible to score a treble 20, especially if another dart in the board is blocking your view. In this case, the highest score you’re most likely to throw is 57, which can be achieved by hitting treble 19. This is known as a ‘cover shot’.

What Is the Highest Score With Two Darts?

With two darts, the highest score you can get is 120. You’ll score 120 by throwing two triple 60s.

What is the Highest Score With Three Darts?

180 is the highest score you can get with three darts. To score 180, all three of your darts need to land in triple 20.

It’s quite difficult to score 180. The PDC states that the average PDC player has an 8% chance of throwing 180 with three darts. If you’re fairly new to the game, don’t be surprised if it’s a while before you get your first 180.

What Is the Score Limit in Darts?

The score limit in darts is 180. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a game of 301, 501, or any other 01 games, you cannot score more than 180.

What’s the Highest Score You Can Checkout With in Darts?

The highest score you can check out in darts is 170. This is achieved by throwing two consecutive double 20s followed by a bullseye. In this case, the bullseye becomes a double.

This move has two nicknames:

  • The Big Fish
  • Maximum Checkout

It’s also known for being one of the trickiest checkouts to complete.

What’s the Highest 3-Dart Average?

The highest 3-dart average you can throw is 180.

Michael Van Gerwen currently holds the record for the highest televised 3-dart average with an average of 123.40.

Peter Wright trumped Gerwen’s 3-dart average in 2019 with an average of 123.53. But as the game was only streamed online it didn’t win the record.

The current top 5 players and their scores (as televised) are:

  • Michael Van Gerwen – 123.40
  • Kim Huybrechts – 121.97
  • Peter Wright – 119.50
  • Phil Taylor – 118.66
  • Phil Taylor – 118.14

What Is the Hardest Number to Hit on a Dartboard?

There isn’t one particular number that every darts player finds hard to hit on a dartboard. Many players will say that the hardest number to hit is the one that’s needed to check out and win the game. The pressure of hitting the right number often results in the player going bust.

When you look at statistics from the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), single 4 is scored in fewer than 0.75% of PDC legs.

Single 20 is another tricky number that professional darts players find hard to hit. According to the PDC, it is hit less often than any other single number.

What Is the Easiest Number to Hit on a Dartboard?

Every player will have a different answer to this question as the easiest number to hit depends on your throwing and standing techniques.

On the other hand, science says that the number 12 is the easiest number to hit. Researchers at Stanford University, California, say that throwing a dart at random at a dartboard typically lands in the number 12 section.

Other numbers that are easy to hit on a dartboard are:

  • 16
  • 8
  • 11
  • 14
  • 9

The theory behind this is that the numbers on the left-hand side of a dartboard are higher in value than the ones on the right-hand side. Players tend to aim for this side of the board to get the best score possible. This makes these numbers the ones most likely to be scored.

What Is the Lowest Score With One Dart?

The lowest score you can get with one dart is 1. 1 is commonly scored in darts when one dart is thrown because it’s next to the 20, which most players aim for.

However, if you’re trying to finish a game, the lowest score you can finish on is double 1 as you must end on a double.

What Is the Lowest Score With Two Darts?

The lowest score you can throw with two darts is 2. You can get this score by throwing two single 1s.

What Is the Lowest Score With Three Darts?

When you throw three darts, the lowest possible score you’ll throw is 3. Throwing three darts that land in single 1 will give you this score.

It’s common knowledge that 180 is the highest score in darts. But there are other high scores that you can throw, particularly if the triple 20 section is not easy to get into. We hope this article has told you all you need to know about high scores and darts so that you can aim for a big score the next time you play.






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