How to Play Scram Darts

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Scram darts in a nutshell:

This game is like cricket but for 2 players. 1 player is a ‘scorer’ and can score points; the other is a stopper and can rule out numbers the scorer can score on simply by hitting them. The scorer’s score is kept and once the stopper takes out numbers 1 through 20 and the bull (in no particular order), they switch places. The person with the highest score at the end is the winner.

What is Scram Darts?

Scram darts, from the word “scram,” is a darts game against two players or two teams in a tight race to the top. It’s similar to cricket, where one player or team plays as the “scorer” while the other plays as the “stopper.” The game takes only a few minutes to learn. However, it’s a fun game that can easily get competitive, making the game last for several hours.

How to Play Scram Darts in More Detail

To play scram darts, you’ll need at least two players (or teams): one to play as the “scorer” and the other as the “stopper.” On the darts board, you have the numbers 1 to 20 and the bullseye. These determine the score count for each dart thrown.

In the first round, the “stopper” team will go first. If you’re a “stopper,” you’ll have a maximum of three dart throws. Each throw will “block” a number or the bullseye on the board, meaning that the “scorer” side will not be able to score points for that hit.

In the second round, the “scorer” will attempt to score as many points as possible on the hits that are still open, with a maximum of three throws per round.

You’ll then switch turns until the “stopper” can block out all possible hits from the board. At this point, there are no more hits the “scorer” can throw at, so you can tally the points for each player (or team) to see who takes the win for that game.

You then reverse roles in the next game and in the end, tally the total points such that the player (or team) that earns as many points as possible from both plays, wins.

What are the Rules of Scram Darts?

For a smooth-running game, you’ll want to take note of the rules of playing scram darts, which include:

  1. You only have two roles you can play: the “stopper” or the “scorer.”
  2. The “stopper” blocks numbers on the dart board (or the bullseye) to prevent the “scorer” from earning those points, while the “scorer” attempts to gain as many points as possible from parts of the board that have not been blocked.
  3. Two positions mean that you need to have two players. If there are more players, then you need to group yourselves into two teams.
  4. The “stopper” always plays first in the first round. However, you can choose to decide who goes first however you’d like. For instance, the player who hits closest to the bullseye can choose which role to play.
  5. Thereafter, the “stopper” and the “scorer” alternate between rounds.
  6. Each round allows you to throw a maximum of three darts at the board.
  7. Any number (or bullseye) the “stopper” hits is considered blocked to the “scorer.”
  8. Regardless of the area of the board the “stopper” hits, whether the single, double, or triple area of the board, the whole number is considered blocked to the “scorer.”
  9. If the “scorer” hits a number that is blocked, their point value doesn’t count.
  10. However, if the “scorer” hits a number that is not yet blocked, whether a single, double, or triple, then the full point value counts toward the final tally.
  11. The game ends when the “stopper” blocks out all the numbers on the dartboard (including the bullseye).
  12. At this point, you need to reverse roles such that both players (or teams) have a chance to play as the “scorer” or the “stopper.”
  13. In the end, you’ll tally the total points from both rounds. The player (or team) with the highest points wins.

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Game Variations of Scram Darts

If you’d like to make it more challenging, you can always play around with the rules, like limiting the number of throws, limiting the “scorer’s” section to doubles and triples, or take a step further with stricter rules like hitting the numbers in ascending or descending order.

How are the Scores Calculated?

To calculate the scores for each player (or team), you’ll want to have a scoreboard to write down the names of the players at the top of the scoreboard and side by side. You’ll then want to write down the numbers 1 to 20 and the bullseye down the middle of the scoreboard.

As you play, cross out the numbers (or bullseye) and the “stopper” blocks. Then, keep track of the point value of the “scorer” for each hit they score on their side, as you would in any other dart game. You may want to add up their points as you go to make things easier.

You don’t always have to start over when the game ends. You can simply wipe away the numbers that are blocked after each round and continue adding up the points as you go.

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How Long is a Game of Scram Darts?

It depends. If you’re a highly skilled darts player, the game can take a few minutes to finish. However, if you’re a beginner, it could even take an hour. On average, a game of scram darts takes about 10 to 30 minutes to complete.

What Do You Need to Play Scram Darts?

Scram darts is a simple, cost-effective game. All you need to play is at least three darts, two players, a dartboard, and a scoreboard like a piece of paper to keep track of the scores.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Scram Darts

The main essential tip is to aim for the highest points, regardless of whether you’re on the “stopper” or “scorer” side. If you’re a “stopper” and you block out the highest scores, you’ll prevent the “scorer” from accumulating more points, and vice versa.

As a “stopper,” you can choose to aim for the numbers 18 to 20, then try aiming for the bullseye. Even if you miss, you may hit other numbers, thus blocking them.

As a “scorer,” a double or triple hit counts. So aim for the double and triple whenever possible (or the inner bullseye) to score the highest points.

If you are not yet skilled enough to pick out al the numbers you want to hit, start with the bullseye. You have to knock it off anyway (both inner and outer bull) and you’ll always hit random numbers to knock off if you miss.

Practice Makes Perfect

Scram darts is a fun game with the potential to get highly competitive. Any darts player, whether a beginner or an expert, can play scram darts. And since it’s pretty straightforward, scram darts is great for leisurely practicing your dart accuracy skills without worrying about the technicalities of professional dart games.

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