Dartboard Height and Measurements: The Best Way to Setup Your Dartboard

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Find out more about official dartboard height and distance measurements to follow when setting up your dartboard.

Dartboard Height and distance measurements must meet certain requirements. These measurements may not seem all that important when setting up your dartboard at home. However, if your board will be used for competitive games, make sure your measurement setting is correct.

If you play darts frequently at your local dart lounge or pub. Chances are you’re not used to throwing a dartboard at the correct height and distance. As a result, you will find it much more difficult to play by the competition rules. Which, in turn, significantly affects your game!

Therefore, it is important to get these measurements from the beginning.

What is the Correct Height and Distance to Hang a Dartboard?

One big reason you need to follow the rules is that the sport of darts has a strong history. The game has evolved over the years and the current rules are the result of much trial and error. Therefore, they represent the ideal conditions for playing darts.

Dartboard Height Measurements

The correct height for your dartboard is 173 cm (5 ft 8 inches) from the ground to the center of your dartboard or ‘the dartboard’.

Dartboard Distance Measurements

The correct distance from your dartboard is 7 feet 9.25 inches from the front of your dartboard, not the back of your wall, the back of the throwing line, or the oche. For those familiar with dartboard terminology, this word is the official name of your throwing line.

Dartboard Height and distance measurements
Dartboard Height and distance measurements

Remember, the throw line is not a line in itself, but a piece of wood that is positioned in the middle of your floor and also has unique dimensions. Yes, darts is an accurate game with very precise rules that you must follow when competing.

These are the most common measurements you find after deciding to do online about the distance and height of the darts to read. To reiterate the importance of these measures, the World Darts Federation has 70 member countries around the world, which means that members use these measures in dart competitions.

As long as you can follow these measures Rest assured that you will meet professional standards when competing in darts with friends or training for an official competition.

Things You Need to Consider While Setting Dartboard Height

The World Darts Federation has listed 7 feet 9 ¼ inches as the shortest toss on the board. However, if you want to lag further behind, you can do so, although some dart players do. You might get some funny looks, however, as this game assumes that the closer you are to the target, the better your chances of a high score.

The Dartboard Dictates the Rules

In addition to theory, a little practice is important here. With the exception of the handicap dart, which influences a player’s distance to the dartboard, after reading a lot about dartboard height and distance, we have come to the conclusion that dartboard type determines dartboard height and distance.

The above rules for dartboards regarding proper height and spacing apply to a steel tip dartboard as it is generally the most common in all dart organizations, including the American Darts Organization and the British Darts Organization.

Remember, however, that depending on the dartboard you choose, there are different dimensions you need to follow.

For example, the soft tip dart community reports its throw as 2.5 meters (8 feet) from the front of an electronic dartboard. This number is a little different from a traditional bristle dart game. Dimensions change not only in relation to the type of darts and the respective dartboard but also with the culture.

Belgium changed its dartboard design to make the dart throwing experience easier for players.

In the United States, there are dartboards, commonly known as American-style dartboards, which give the dartboards a new design. They also have unique dimensions.

Dartboard Height & Distance for Wheelchair Users

Dartboard height and distance for wheelchair users
Dartboard Height and Distance for Wheelchair Users

As mentioned earlier, most variations in dartboard configuration are due to the board itself. The only exception to this, however, is the facility for players using wheelchairs. There are currently no specific soft board dimensions for wheelchair users, only the wheelchair dimensions mentioned above apply to the use of electronic dartboard and Bristle dartboard.

You don’t necessarily need to be in great shape. Also, no major physical effort is required. Therefore, the game is very popular among people with physical disabilities.

In the past, wheelchair users played darts with the same dimensions as disabled players.

In 2010, however, Russ Strobel applied to Australia Darts to reduce the height of the dartboard from 173 cm to 137 cm. Darts Australia reduced it to 136.5 cm but decided to reset it to 137 cm.

How Russ Strobel got to 137 cm is a mystery, but the information is available somewhere on the dartboard.

Wheelchair dartboard height and distance

Until Russ discovered in the 1920s that 173 cm was the average height of a typical man; With the modernization of the dart game, no one could explain why this figure was chosen as the official height.

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