Is There a Treatment For Dartitis

Is There a Treatment For Dartitis?

Dartitis is a complex condition, and researchers have been unable to determine the exact cause of it. One thing’s for sure is that the condition is debilitating and embarrassing.

history of darts

The History of Darts

17 million Americans play darts, but most people won’t know where or how darts began. You might think that it all started in a pub in England, but the history of darts is much more interesting than that.

Will Darts Ever Be an Olympic Sport

Will Darts Ever Be an Olympic Sport?

From its well-known venues in pubs or bars to its current massive adoption at prestigious tournaments and world championships, darts appears to be well on its way to becoming an Olympic sport sooner rather than later.

is darts a sport

Why Darts is a Sport

While throwing darts may appear to be easy, professional players have mastered skills such as mental focus, precision, and consistency to perfect the art.

How Do You Rehydrate a Dartboard

How Do You Rehydrate a Dartboard?

You should not spray water on modern dartboards… so what can you do to rehydrate your board?

rotate your dartboard

Rotating Your Dartboard – Everything You Need to Know

Rotating your dartboard helps to prevent wear and tear on specific areas of the dartboard.

Are you Allowed to Lean Over the Line (The Oche) in Darts

Are you Allowed to Lean Over the Line (The Oche) in Darts?

Let’s look at whether leaning over the oche is allowed, and whether it gives you a competitive advantage.

Is Darts Expensive? – Full Cost Breakdown of Everything you Need to Get Started

If you’re wondering if darts is expensive, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

darts terms

Darts Terminology – 30 Darts Sayings Phrases and Words you Need to Know

This list will teach you all the darts terminology that you need to know to become an expert in the game

how to get better at darts

How to Get Better at Darts – 15 Crucial Tips

Regardless of your goals, there are always ways to get better at dart, and we’ll look at 15 tips.

12 benefits of playing darts

12 Benefits of Playing Darts

From improving your hand-eye coordination to walking over a mile in an hour, darts has some surprising benefits.

darts averages

What is a Good Average for Darts?

Everything you need to know about darts averages and the best ways to work them out.

darts etiquette

Darts Etiquette – You Need to Know These!

Essential darts etiquette you need to know.

darts snacks and drinks

The Best Snacks and Drinks to Have Whilst Playing Darts

Let’s take a look at a few snacks and drinks that are great to have whilst playing darts and a few that are definite don’ts.

darts beer

Do Darts Players Drink Alcohol?

Yes, the majority of darts players drink alcohol. This is primarily due to the bars and pubs where most darts competitions are held.

fat darts player

Who are the Fattest Dart Players – Top 5 Heaviest Throwers

While most dart players are of average weight, some are much heavier than the rest. Here is a list of the world’s top five heaviest dart throwers.

darts oche ultimate guide

What Is the Oche In Darts? – Everything You Need to Know

The oche is the line that a player must stand behind to throw their darts. In modern darts, the oche may be referred to as the throw line or the toe line.

protect floor aand wall from stray darts

How to Protect Your Floor and Walls When Playing Darts

Our complete guide on how to protect your walls and floor from stray darts.