Should You Use Tungsten Darts?

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  • Date: November 8, 2022
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When it comes to darts, there are a lot of different options to choose from. You can decide between steel and soft tip darts, and you can also choose between different types of materials for the dart itself. So, should you use tungsten darts? Here’s what you need to know.

Why are Darts Made of Tungsten?

Darts manufacturers have evolved to produce Tungsten darts because of their density. The first-ever darts were made out of wood, a metal tip, and feathers to serve as flights. However, wood, especially the size of a dart, will rarely have enough weight to propel the dart toward the target.

So, eventually, dart artisans began adding lead insets. The lead add-ons placed closer to the dart point or within the barrel made the darts heavier and easier to throw. These types of darts grew in popularity till around the early part of the 20th century, when manufacturers took an interest in making more sophisticated darts.

Since trying to fit lead into the wooden dart barrels was difficult, the next advancement was brass made from brass. These metal darts were easier to control, and their weights were easily adjustable, making them more conducive to the game.

By the 1970s, however, manufacturers discovered that Tungsten was a more dense metal than brass. This meant they could replace bulky brass darts with slimmer, more sleek Tungsten variations. The Tungsten alternatives would maintain the weight and improve the grip and comfort of the dart, and so Tungsten darts were born.

Why are Tungsten Darts Better?

Using Tungsten to make darts comes with a range of benefits. Here are some of the most significant reasons why Tungsten Darts are better.

Tungsten Darts Have Higher Density

Density is an essential quality for a dart. A dart with low density moves unpredictably when shot. It also lacks the force needed to hit the target. However, increasing a dart’s density enables it to move in a more predictable straight line and with higher force.

The result is a significantly reduced rate of bounce-outs. Tungsten is one of the dart-making materials with the highest density. This is why Tungsten darts are better than darts made from other metals.

Tungsten Darts Are Stronger

The tungsten alloy dart is really strong, making them last much longer, and are a much superior material to brass. With just a small amount of nickel (the metal most commonly chosen to alloy with tungsten), they are a powerhouse of strength.

Tungsten Darts are Slimmer

Tungsten has a density of 19.3 g/cm3. On the other hand, another dart-making metal, like brass, has a density of 8.73g/cm3. This means that a brass-made dart would be almost twice the size of a Tungsten one to maintain the same density.

For this reason, Non-Tungsten darts end up being bulkier. However, a Tungsten dart can be made as slim as possible without compromising density.

Tungsten Darts are Easier to Cluster

cluster of tungsten darts
Tungsten darts in a cluster

Because of their sleek nature, Tungsten darts make clustering very easy. Clustering is a familiar practice among seasoned dart players that suggests that it is better to aim your darts closer to or around the spot you hit using your first dart.

Because of their sleek nature, Tungsten darts are easier to cluster since they do not occupy much space and have a more accurate throw. This completely changed the game of darts, making it much more competitive as scoring triple twenty became easier.

Tungsten Darts Have a Wide Range of Grips

Tungsten alloys are easy to knurl in many different designs and patterns, giving a wonderful variety of barrel grip to choose from for dart players.

Can You Get 100% Tungsten Darts?

No. Darts are never made of 100% tungsten metal alone is way too brittle and results in darts that would break easily. With just a small amount of another metal, it is possible t make the tungsten darts much more durable.

Tungsten is one of the most in-demand metals in the world. Because of its high melting and boiling point properties, Tungsten has numerous applications in making ammunition, medical equipment, nuclear physics and electronic manufacturing. This increased demand in multiple critical sectors makes it rare to find a 100% Tungsten dart.

Most Tungsten darts are made of higher amounts of Tungsten and then refined with other metals or alloys. The most common combinations for Tungsten darts are Tungsten-Nickel and Tungsten-Iron darts. There are, however, some fancier products that blend Tungsten and Titanium.

When shopping for a Tungsten dart, it is important to analyze the percentage of Tungsten it contains. The quantity of Tungsten is indicated as a percentage, and the more Tungsten a dart has, the better.

Tungsten darts most commonly vary in alloy composition from 80% – 97%.

Are There Any Downsides to Using Tungsten Darts

The only con that comes with Tungsten Darts is their pricing. Because of Tungsten’s value as a metal and the benefits that Tungsten darts have over other darts, these darts are more expensive. But, for the kind of benefits you get, they are absolutely worth it.

You Never Go Wrong With Tungsten Darts

Tungsten is the most popular material for dart manufacturing. The metal’s high density increases a dart’s stability and force when hitting the target. These darts are also sleeker and come with incredible clustering abilities, which make them great for high scores in the game.


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