How to Make a Dart Board | How to Make DIY Dartboard Homemade

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  • Date: September 3, 2021
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In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a dart board. so let’s get started with how to make a dartboard.

To play darts, you will need a dartboard. As anyone who has shopped around for them will understand, a dartboard is not cheap to purchase. For what’s just cork and wire, dartboards can be rather costly.

Why not create your own? It’s not that hard to do, and you can save money over purchasing a factory-made dartboard.

Things You Need to Make: How to Make a Dart Board

  • Cork
  • Cut
  • Mark

Step 1: Cork

A dartboard is made from cork. It ought to have a depth of at least 11/2 inches. This will prevent the thrown dart from penetrating through the cork to damage the wall.

You might choose to mount the cork on a sheet of particle board to add protection to your wall and stability to your board. When choosing a suitable slice of cork for your dartboard, be confident it is this thick and a minimum of 18 inches in diameter.

Step 2: Cut

A dartboard is circular, so you will need to mark a circle 18 inches in diameter on the cork. To do this, place a pin in the middle of the cork, attached to a string 9 inches long, with a mark at the other end. Trace the circle, then use the saw to cut it, trimming the edge so that it’s smooth.

Step 3: Mark

The most challenging aspect of creating a dartboard is marking the various segments. Be sure to have the proper colored markers for this. First, you will have to mark a set of concentric circles on the dartboard, going in the hole you have made at the center.

The interior bullseye should be 1/2 inches in diameter, and the outer bullseye 11/4 inches in diameter. After those two, make circles at 7⅞ inches and 81/2 inches. This will provide you the triple score ring on the dartboard. Finally, mark more circles at 12⅞ inches and 131/2 inches to make the double score ring.

This gives you the fundamentals of the dartboard, although you still have to divide the plank into 20 equal and different sections, much like pieces of pie.

Be aware, however, that you don’t make branches in the outer or inner bullseyes. The easiest way to do it is to have a standard dartboard as your template and copy the design. Alternately, make a template from cardboard or other stuff to trace around.

If you want to include cable, you can apply it to the dividing lines between each board section.

How to make Homemade Dartboard?

Step 1:Trace a Circle Onto the Cork Board

First, find something round the dimensions that you want the dartboard to be and follow it on the corkboard. I used this mixing bowl to trace.

Step 2: Marker Making

It should look something like this. Repeat this 3 or more extra times and cut out the circles.

Step 3: Join Pieces Together

I took 3 pieces and glued them back, but the objective is to earn the cork board 1 inch or thicker. I urge hot glue for this measure.

Step 4: Adding the Bulls Eye

Find the center of the ring you made and make a small circle to the bullseye. It needs to have a radius of 1/2 an inch. Then make another circle enclosing the bullseye.

Most men and women make this second circle too large, so be careful with this step. The final outer circle should be from the midpoint between the next circle and the border of the board.

Step 5: Adding a Backboard

You may add a back to the dartboard if you want. I decided to do this so that any darts that missed the plank would hit on the back rather than the wall. I used a flat piece of wood that has been approximately an inch thick and hard substance functions.

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