How to Hang a Dartboard Without Fixing it to a Wall

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  • Date: November 30, 2021
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Fixing a dartboard to the wall can seem like a big commitment for a casual darts player. Perhaps the thought of drilling holes in the wall is a step too far? Maybe there is someone in your household who is not keen on a dartboard s a permanent fixture in your home?

Whatever the reason, here is how you can successfully hang a dartboard without needing to fix it to the wall.

How to Hang a Dartboard Without a Wall

Other options to mount a dartboard that does not include a wall are:

  • Freestanding frame
  • Freestanding stand
  • Portable dartboard
  • Freestanding dartboard cabinet
  • Hang it on a door

Freestanding Frame

A freestanding frame is suitable for any dartboard. The board hangs on a DIY-made frame. You can use the included mounting hardware for your dartboard. You can even be flexible to change the dartboard in the future.

A freestanding frame is perfect if you want to hang your board without making holes in the wall, but still find it easy to remove when necessary.

Possible materials to use for a freestanding frame:

Freestanding Stand

A freestanding stand, much like a dartboard cabinet, holds the dartboard at various heights. Hanging the board on this stand means that it is always ready to play, simply lift up and take it down whenever you want to play.

This stand usually has storage for your darts as well as games such as ‘501’. A freestanding stand is perfect for any dartboard. It provides support while allowing access to all areas of the board with ease. Just like a freestanding frame, it hangs the board without the need to fix it to the wall.

Here are some examples of stands available for mounting your board while keeping it off the wall.

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Portable Dartboard

You can also find a portable dartboard that allows you to hang your board without the need for a wall. The Unicorn On Tour Portable Dartboard is an excellent example of a dartboard you can take anywhere.

So there you have it. Three ways of how to hang a dartboard without fixing it to the wall.

If you are using a freestanding frame or stand, then you will need to ensure that your board is level every time you use it.

Dartboard Freestanding Cabinet

Although more expensive a freestanding cabinet is probably the closest experience to a wall-mounted dartboard that you can get without attaching it to your wall.

Full-standing dartboard cabinets are a great solution that can provide ample storage space for your darts, chalk, and scoreboard.

They are designed to look like a dartboard on the wall, but instead of being fixed to the wall, they stand freely. They also tend to be much sturdier than freestanding frames or stands so you can be sure that they will last longer.

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how to hang a dartboard without fixing it to a wall

Hang it on a Door

By attaching some hanging fixtures to the back of your board and adding some string, you can hang your board anywhere.

Some ideas for alternative places to temporarily hang a dartboard are:

  • The back of a door
  • A wardrobe
  • Outside on a tree

In Summary

As you can see there are many ways to hang a dartboard without needing to fix it to the wall.

If you do not like drilling holes in your walls and want an easy way to take your board down when desired, we recommend using a freestanding frame or stand. They are also portable when set up this way so you can move your setup to anywhere that has the space.

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