Printable Darts Halve It Scoresheet

  • By: Sue
  • Date: June 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Halve it is a great pub darts game to play where you not only get to go around the entire board but there is also significant pressure with each throw.

Best played with 2 players, start by each throwing 3x darts and this is your starting score.

Then starting at one for each turn you must try to score as many points as possible throwing only at that number. For example, in the first round, you can only throw at number 1, on the second round you can only throw at number 2 and so on.

As you progress each leg through the numbers, players keep a running score total of what points they scored in each round. Points are counted as always (eg triple 20 = 60 points).

The jeopardy is that if on a round you completely miss the designated number for that leg, your running total score is halved!

Download a scoresheet below or use the image so to help mark up your scoreboard.

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Printable Darts halve it Scoresheet
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